ENO’s Candide: Behind the Scenes [Part 2]

June 25, 2008

ENO Interactive welcomes you back to the second instalment of The Pursuit of Happiness – our freshly made sneak peek at ENOs final production of our 2007/08 season – Candide by Leonard Bernstein which OPENS TONIGHT!

This week, we have an exclusive interview with director Robert Carsen, as well as our usual video diaries from the cast, and fly-on-the-wall rehearsal footage in our ‘Candide Camera’ section – all taken in week 6 of rehearsals – they’ve come a long way even since then.  And it’s all presented by your delightful host, the lovely Marnie Breckenridge who plays Cunegonde for the final 9 performances of ENOs production of Candide.

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