Lost Highway causing a stir! What did you think?

April 8, 2008

ENO\'s Lost Highway at the Young Vic

Unsuprisingly, Lost Highway is causing somewhat of a stir!

The Independent ****

The Times ***

The Guardian ***

Have you seen it?…  We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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2 Responses to “Lost Highway causing a stir! What did you think?”

  1. verity healey Says:

    I thought the whole work is like some sort of animal that kind of growls and groans and roars its way through to a denouement of sorts. I can’t pretend to like David Lynch with intensity, he seemed to be a stage I went through in my teens but I do like his very early works and seeing the ENO’s theatrical/ musical/ operatic version has encouraged me to revisit him..
    the production itself I found exhilarating – and although I think it is more like an installation than an operatic or theatrical piece I still found myself thinking- my god, you can do this on stage? I can’t believe it. I refer especially to David Moss’ rendition of Mr Eddy and the smoking scene- utter genius to me and weirdly compelling. My only slight concerns were sometimes to do with staging and to do with the placement of the video installations. I feel that the audience needs to be closer to the glass cube and to the screens in order to appreciate it fully.
    Sometimes I also felt that actors’ voices were lost in the score of the music and I found myself wanting more madness from them.
    But I also loved the vocals and the quotes from Weill and Monteverdi which had me entranced.
    I am not sure what the piece is trying to say or whether it should be considered as something that is saying something we can intellectually debate- as this is also the nature of some of Lynch’s films, though not all. There is no redemption, no character development as such, no resolution. But somehow, talking to my friends, it has touched us all in some weird way. Roll on Punch and Judy.

  2. magnolia12883 Says:

    Huge fan of David Lynch, and getting to admire him more all the time. Recently re-watched Lost Highway which scared me/creeped me the hell out the first time I saw it, around 1998 on VHS…

    To me it’s like a sketch of what Mulholland Dr. later (2001) painted and what Inland Empire then threw in a blender (2006) and mixed up until… I don’t know.

    Basically, this was a warm-up exercise to shake out some cobwebs and get a few ideas flowing before the full flowering of those ideas could emerge!

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